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    RSI Medical is a security consultancy and medical training provider that is trusted, reliable and dependable in situations where safety and wellbeing are at risk. Using our unique approach we aim to provide a service that integrates naturally with our client’s lifestyle.

    RSI medical consultants have supported a wide range of clients from the public and private sector including ambassadors, government officials, public identities and royal family

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    Protecting your privacy
    Social Vulnerability

    Residential Security
    Feel protected in your own home

    Medical Training
    Tactical Trauma in Remote locations

    Personal Protection
    RSI Medical Protection Services

  • Social Safety Program

    Social Vulnerability:

    Due to advances in technology and the integration of Social networking sites, access to your personal information has become a simple process for the professional con artist or criminal opportunist. It is advised due to this trend to take the necessary precautions and limit your exposure and vulnerability. Our experienced consultants work closely with our clients to anticipate, recognise and evaluate such risk and advice on how you can keep your information and social life safe.

    Our Social Safety and risk prevention package contains:

    • Equipment for personal security
    • Self defense Lessons
    • Mobile App Access
    • Travel advice
    • Residential security
    • Vehicle security
    • Safety when socialising

    When working with RSI Medical your sensitive and personal information is treated with strict confidentiality and secrecy.

  • Residential Security Team

    Taking care of you and your loved ones

    Becoming a victim to burglary, espionage or a malicious attack at the privacy of your home is an increasing threat in todays society. That’s why your personal safety, assets and private interests are our main priority.

    Whether your residence is occupied or not we can provide a carefully crafted security product on a short or long term bases, our bespoke services include:
    Physical security
    Intrusion and exposer review
    Special events cover
    Home sitting

    Contact RSI Medial today for a residential security review and consultation

  • Emergency Medical Training

    Tactical Trauma in Remote locations

    Building from the foundations of Emergency medical services and combining it with the complexity of Tactical Medical Care, this course stresses the need to treat multi system trauma and medical patients in a structured and distinctive way that assesses there specific needs.

    Military statistics have proven that early intervention and the use of correct treatment methods is vital when treating patients in conflict zones. This course is designed for individuals who either currently or plan to work in isolated locations around the world.

    Students who successfully pass this course will be registered as EMT-B

    Evaluation / Grading:
    80 Hours of Pre course E-learning and assignments
    7-Day intensive Classroom lectures
    Evaluation and testing of practical skills
    Final written exam

    Demonstrated competency is achieved through written and oral exams, as well as practical testing

    Course structure:
    Combat Casualty Care
    Patient Assessment
    Airway Management
    Catastrophic Bleeding and Traumatic Shock
    Injuries of the Thorax
    Abdominal Injuries
    Head Injuries
    Musculoskeletal Emergencies
    Spinal Injuries
    Ballistic and Blast Injuries
    Intravenous Access
    Respiratory Disorders
    Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Care
    Abdominal Disorders
    Orthopedic and Skin Diseases
    Environmental Emergencies
    Nonconventional Incidents
    Training Exercises
    Tactical Movement in Hostile Environments
    Weapon Handling and Safety

    Course fee:
    £1100 inclusive of Course Manual, Registration, Certification, accommodation not included.

    Target Audience:
    Men and women planning to work in austere environments world wide, students should hold a minimum of FAAW or Military Team Medic.

    To gain maximum benefit and learning outcome, RSI Medical allows a maximum of 8 students per course and a minimum of 6.

    For course dates and enquiries email: training@rsimedical.co.uk

  • Personal Protection

    RSI Medical Protection Services

    Due to today’s unstable economy and the unrest in society we at RSI Medical don’t just provide a service. Our team of experienced operators establishes and preserves partnerships with our clients, gaining there trust and respect. Keeping the process simple and effective we specifically advise and tailor our services to your requirements.

    Our approach…

    Times, technology and the threat has changed within in the security industry, we at RSI Medical now believe that visible security is not always the better option and can make more problems than solutions. That’s why we provide experts in the field of covert and low profile operations. All our personal protective operatives are well groomed educated and have the confidence to blend in to environments without compromising safety. We find taking this approach alleviates added attention brought to clients from the presence of noticeable security personnel.

    RSI Medical can tailor for short or long term personal protection assignments, call now to discuss your security requirements.

  • Concierge:

    RSI Medical Concierge: Service


    RSI Medical LifeStyle and concierge has a solution…..

    As we are all aware of the economic change and operational requirements set out within the private security industry, contractors and expat personal are working longer more unsociable rotations in austere environments worldwide. Equipped with limited welfare, insufficient Internet and unreliable resources to keep your personal life on track back home.

    RSI Medical life style and Concierge have developed a cost effective, time management service that will take care of those day-to-day activities that accumulate over the long periods spent working away, allowing you to concentrate and focus on what really is important.

    The benefits of our life style and concierge service really is endless and constantly evolving to match our client’s requirements, below are some of our most popular services.

    Errand running
    Parcel, receive/collect
    Holiday Search
    Tradesman Search
    House maintenance
    House moving
    Flower delivery
    Car rental
    Flight reservations

    There are no hidden contracts for this service, we run a pay per hour scheme charged at £40 per hour, this service is available before you deploy and can be bought in bulk for discounted rates. Should your hours not be required while you’re away we will simply roll them on to your next working rotation.

    For a free no obligation enquiry email: lifestyle@rsimedical.co.uk

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  • Recruitment

    RSI Medical is a consultancy and training company specialising in Risk, Security and International Medical solutions. As a company we pride ourselves on success with our experienced operators conducting duties that out perform our competitors.

    So if you are a dedicated, enthusiastic professional with relevant experience in any of these areas below send a cover letter and Curriculum vitae to: recruitment@rsimedical.co.uk

    Operational staff
    Military – Medical – Security – Police
    Marketing – Project Management – Customer service – Sales

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